My First Ipod

My First Ipod

Wow I feel old

wow, its been 15 years since the first iPod came out,  that really makes me feel old and it must be true because it’s on Wikipedia. click here if you don’t believe me  I remember when it first came out the person on the add was walking around with the white headphones dancing to u2 sounds track and instantly wearing your white headphones on top of your clothing became cool. Before that, it was the nerdiest thing to do. It was a must you had t have

The ergonomic pain associated with Ipod

now you might be asking yourself what pain could you get from using such a small device but if you like me and you use this device over 8 hours per day and you love to skip tracks like all the time then you develop first world injuries. where my thumb actually has pain if I use it more that 4 hours. I wand to go to the doctor and discuss my pain but I actually don’t think he  will believe me and it makes me fill like a Pansy

Would I even use the zoom

I can’t believe I would even discuss this issue but I have to admit that I actually purchased one when they came out because I thought why would someone release a computer product after apple if it was better.  Well, I found out that sometimes software and hardware companies just release for the sake of releasing them and this is before everyone man and his dog and a youtube channel reviewing items so I just went out and bought it by looking and the commercial.

Do I still own my first iPod

It’s hard to believe but it still works it does have a weird software problem when computers no longer recognize it. Well, you can hear the sound but I can’t actually change any of the songs on the device.  So I am still listing to songs from Nelly in early 2000 luckily they are timeless tracks and you can listen to them.  So yes these products last a very long time and I still love it and use it to this day



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